About Us

MISSION STATEMENT – Provide Efficient Comprehensive Technical Operational Solutions To Small Office Environments.

OWC Pro IT Services is a growing information technology consulting company. Our services are tailored to small to midsized businesses that don't want the expense of an on staff IT department. We provide unique ideas in combination with dedication and personal attention to our clientele. We strive for new and enhanced ways to solve problems and create optimized systems to meet your companies IT needs.

OWC Pro IT Services focuses on advising your business on how to best utilize information technology to meet your business goals. We also provide implementation, deployment and management of IT systems. We will work with you to create a personalized, secure, and scalable computer solution for your company.

The consultants at OWC Pro IT Services provide personal attention to each and every client. This process begins with an introductory site meeting. We will examine your current systems and business needs. A network audit can then be performed to determine any IT deficiencies. Then, recommendations can be made as to how to best meet your needs in a low cost, high efficiency solution. The recommendations can be grouped into immediate needs and long term goals.

OWC Pro IT Services provides ideas for your systems to help increase employee productivity. We create solutions that allow you to easily upgrade and expand you systems to growth with your business. We only use up-to-date solutions so you can keep your competitive edge.

Let OWC Pro IT Services take care of your IT so you can focus on your business.


Green Initiative

OWC.net named in Computerworld.com Top 12 Green-IT Vendors of 2008!

Green Powered Hosting
Green Powered Hosting In 2009, Other World Computing took the lead in alternative power use by private enterprise in Illinois by switching to a clean power source that is limitless and plentiful — wind. The wind turbine generates 1,200,000 kWh estimated per year (kilowatt hours per year) — more than 2X (double) the amount that the OWC.net datacenter needs to operate each year. The anticipated surplus power is sold back to the municipality so that others in the area can use clean, green power.

Building Green
OWC's headquarters, datacenter and distribution center building has been designed to represent the values that customers have come to expect from OWC: excellence in products; creativity and innovation; as well as a demonstrated respect for the community and participating in its growth.

Creating a "Green" facility is a natural extension of those values and ideals. We have made it our priority to design and build an attractive and environmentally friendly facility that we hope will typify future commercial endeavors. Built to United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, we meet the "Platinum Standard" with our building and demonstrate our commitment for the benefit of our employees, our neighbors, and our world.

Clean Redundant Power
Providing our customers 4 layers of datacenter power redundancy including our own Wind Turbine!

Wind Turbine
Providing clean "green" power supplied by wind

Municipal Power
Readily available in the unlikely event of lack of wind

Natural-Gas Powered Generator
Endless run-time with alternative fuel capabilities

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS Battery Backup)
Clean steady power always available

Learn more about OWC's Wind Turbine at Macsales.com. Learn more

OWC Pro IT Services is a division of Other World Computing (OWC). OWC, in addition to being the largest technology employer in McHenry County, has also been listed as an INC 5000 Honoree for the last 4 years, is the holder of an Elite Rating for Customer Satisfaction, and has an “A++” rating from the Better Business Bureau.